EvoPrinterHD. Instructions: 6
EvoPrinterHD - Tutorial
EvoPrinterHD Identification of Conserved DNA
6. EvoPrinter Scorecard: The program automatically selects the 6 highest score aligning species for generating an EvoPrint and then deselects those aligning regions that contain sequence gaps in their first alignments.
We recommend that you start EvoPrinting using the preselected species and then add the more evolutionarily distant species and those with sequencing gaps one at a time. To print an EvoPrint, select the "Generate EvoPrint and EvoDifferences Profile" button. After each new addition, examined Evodifferences profile to determine if sequencing gaps remove conserved sequences.
In addition, the composite eBLAT feature reveals the location and sequences within the input reference DNA that have either rearranged and/or duplicated in the different species aligning regions. To view a species ceBLAT, click on the "Composite eBLAT" link provided.